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June 21, 2013

Sound Off

Where’s Al?

It seems the president of the City Council in Methuen is still having difficulty getting it right. Maybe if the city solicitor were a union member, Sean Fountain would have a better grip as to which side he should be on. The entire leadership of this city should be voted out of office. Where is Al DiNuccio when we need him?

Let mayor explain

I would like Gov. Deval Patrick to come to Lawrence and have a sit-down with Mayor Lantigua so he can explain what is happening to the city of Lawrence and all the corruptions in the city. Explain to him why three indicted cops are still on the city payroll. One of them faces two counts on child rape. Enough is enough.

Methuen blight

Shame, shame, shame on Methuen Central District Councilors Ferry and Atkinson for allowing blight to bloom in their district. Despite calls from residents, they have done nothing to clean up the once beautiful home on Prospect Street destroyed by fire before Christmas. The roof has collapsed, debris from the house swirls through the neighborhood on windy days, and the formerly beautiful yard is overgrown and filled with junk. Worse, the site is not secured and any kid can walk into the yard and house and get hurt. I invite all Central District voters to drive by Prospect Street near the East Street intersection to see how little Councilors Atkinson and Ferry care about the quality of life in our district. Maybe the Trib can find out why the city is not following its own safety code regarding unsafe buildings.

Old at 50

For Haverhill’s Hunking School to be torn down after only 50 years is outrageous. The powers that be must see that this does not happen again. I hope if they build a new school, it will be more carefully inspected than the old school was. That building was an obscene peace of work. Fifty years? Really.

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