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June 22, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Mow this

To those weeping and distraught individuals who seem to have the time on their hands and the mobility to cut each blade of grass while looking at their neighbors’ lawns and who are oh so fearful their property values will crash because the neighbor is not keeping up to their standards, you do have options. One, you could volunteer to help your neighbor; two, mind your own business. When I bought my house many years ago, I did notsign an agreement stating no matter what happens in my life, if I cannot afford a landscaper, I will cut the grass somehow from my wheelchair to keep my neighbors happy because that is of the utmost importance in my world.

Mow it yourself

To “Mow your lawn!”: It IS NOT important that properties be maintained just so your property value doesn’t decline. You’re very selfish. If you don’t like it, feel free to grab your mower and mow. The world doesn’t revolve around you

Vacation rights

People should stop picking on the president’s vacation expenditures. After all, even he has the right to go away occasionally.

Dodgeball fan

After reading the article about dodgeball in Windham, I am glad to see that some common sense has been introduced about the issue. It is a good, competitive sport and, to quote Dennis Senibaldi, “Don’t eliminate an entire class of games. Getting rid of the games wasn’t the way to handle the problem, if there was a problem.” I couldn’t agree more.

Where is she?

Where is our assistant city solicitor, Anne Randazzo? Wasn’t she hired to do legal work for Methuen? She is getting a salary for what services? Cut her pay if she is not doing her job. She doesn’t show up at City council meetings until they are looking for her. These are my taxes and I want a refund.

I blame Mass.

This is to “The NH difference”: Those folks who don’t yield right of way may have New Hampshire license plates but they’re mostly transplants from Mass. — the state where folks think that turn signals are optional equipment and don’t know that when entering the interstate they have to match the speed of the traffic and not pull on at 35 mph.

Sick of Ed

I am so sick of Ed Markey’s smear tactics against Gabriel Gomez. Markey has been in Congress for 30-plus years and what has he really done? He is saying Gomez will overturn Roe v. Wade. That is not going to happen, and not one man can do that! If it didn’t happen during both of the Bush’s administrations, it is NOT going to happen now. I hear people say they are sick of the way things are, but they keep voting for the same idiots. Give Gomez a chance; he is a former Navy SEAL and a Harvard graduate. Markey is grasping at straws to keep his cushy position, but he needs to go.