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June 26, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Don’t answer

Summer is here, school is out and so are the salesmen. I don’t want any of them ringing my doorbell. I live in the Mount Vernon section of Lawrence and have been besieged by these people on a daily basis. How can I stop them from ringing my doorbell, aside from getting a guard dog? Any suggestions?

Source, please

Every year when President Obama and his family go on vacation, the letters appear in this newspaper about how it costs $100 million. It is always the same amount. I would love to know where this figure comes from. It sounds like something made up out of thin air by a Fox News pundit. How about presenting some reputable sources and documented receipts to back this up? Besides, it is little known that the president has to pay for almost all of his personal expenses himself, including meals and clothes, out of his salary.

No free rides

This is to “Vacation Rights”: Of course, President Obama has the right to take a vacation with his family, but why does it have to be on our dime? Air Force One isn’t there for personal use, it’s there for governmental use. I’d love to take an exotic vacation on someone else’s dime! The government now exists only for themselves, no longer for the citizens of this country.

Motorcycle myth

I disagree with the part of your editorial that states there are several studies showing that loud motorcycles make the rider safer. I know of no such studies. Your misinformation adds to the urban legend held by many bikers, who use the noise to get a thrill and show blatant disrespect to ever house and person they go by. Loud motorcycles are illegal. Federal law is broken the minute the factory muffler is removed. They add as much as 10 times the pollutants as cars. They violate state law and local ordinances. Maybe someone should check on the inspection stations, which should check the decibel count before giving out stickers.

Wake up, Haverhill

Can’t believe people are trying to stop another business from coming to Haverhill. What’s wrong with this community? It will bring jobs, income, and it will help the sewer problem. I live on Amesbury Road and have no problem with more business over this way. Wake up people! Our city needs help with its economy. I’d rather see new businesses than vacant rundown places that are eyesores!

I blame drivers

This is to “I blame Mass.”: Stop looking for excuses as to why drivers do not obey the law. It makes no difference where they came from, they are in New Hampshire (or any other state for that matter) now and need to obey the laws. There is no excuse for not stopping at “STOP” signs or following the rules for “YIELD” signs. The problem is no one cares any more.

Waste removal

Thank you to the very considerate man who removes the yard waste on Tower Hill. You came earlier than normal and helped me with all the wood in my yard. Just goes to show you that there are still real gentlemen left in this world.