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April 18, 2014

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — President Puffer

Now it turns out that pot causes brain damage. Since both President Obama and Eric Holder have admitted to one and all that they smoked pot, I guess that explains why they behave the way they do!

Biden was right

To the Sound Off writer who said VP Biden made a gaffe: What gaffe? He was right on target. You're mad because there wasn't a Republican at the podium. Oh, well.


I am starting to get suspicious about this missing plane that cannot be located in over five weeks. In today's world of rapid communication and modern technology, there is no way I am convinced they cannot locate this missing jet and all its passengers.

Zohydro vs. pot

The People's Republic of Massachusetts has once again jumped into the fray. They want to ban the pain-killing drug Zohydro so that those who are suffering get only the lesser relief that has been available up until now. However, they're on it big-time when it's time to legalize pot, even though it's been proven that pot causes abnormalities in the brain with minimum use.

Not the weapon

To "Stick to knives": I am sorry to be so blunt, but your statement in Wednesday's Sound Off is the most idiotic statement I've ever read in this column. Just because the student didn't kill anyone in his knife rampage, doesn't mean he couldn't have killed them; they were lucky. It doesn't make a difference which weapon you use — a knife, a gun, a hammer, etc. These weapons don't kill people, people kill people. How hard is that for you to figure out?

Snowden a hero

Kudos to the Pulitzer Prize Board for recognizing the importance of reporting Edward Snowden's revelations of the NSA's covert monitoring of all of our phone calls and email messages. I'm taking a collection for a statue of Snowden to be erected on the White House lawn. Any donors?

More snow

Would someone tell that UNH global warming professor to sick his head out the window? I see a lot of "global warming" snow on the ground!

How annoying

What are the hours of our town clerks? Who is in charge and keeping watch? On several attempts to reach clerks and others, I was told to call back because they are not in or don't work certain days. I know they are busy, but they should try to be available during normal office hours or have someone there who can answer basic questions.

Speed demons

It's the Indy 500 trials at Broadway and North Broadway in Haverhill every days. Students can't cross the street. Edie, 87 years old, can't cross. The issue has made the newspaper many times. Nothing has changed. Nobody cares.

Pro death penalty

New Hampshire should keep the death penalty. After all, they have not executed anyone in decades, so why take it off the books? Of course, the death penalty is not for everyone. You can't compare, for example, a wife that kills her husband with a man that kills eight or nine people before he is caught. A vicious killer should not be wined and dined in jail for decades and also hospitalized if he is sick. If he is vicious, he is not going to change. Get rid of him.