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April 18, 2014

Sound Off


More snow

Would someone tell that UNH global warming professor to sick his head out the window? I see a lot of "global warming" snow on the ground!

How annoying

What are the hours of our town clerks? Who is in charge and keeping watch? On several attempts to reach clerks and others, I was told to call back because they are not in or don't work certain days. I know they are busy, but they should try to be available during normal office hours or have someone there who can answer basic questions.

Speed demons

It's the Indy 500 trials at Broadway and North Broadway in Haverhill every days. Students can't cross the street. Edie, 87 years old, can't cross. The issue has made the newspaper many times. Nothing has changed. Nobody cares.

Pro death penalty

New Hampshire should keep the death penalty. After all, they have not executed anyone in decades, so why take it off the books? Of course, the death penalty is not for everyone. You can't compare, for example, a wife that kills her husband with a man that kills eight or nine people before he is caught. A vicious killer should not be wined and dined in jail for decades and also hospitalized if he is sick. If he is vicious, he is not going to change. Get rid of him.

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