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April 25, 2014

Sound Off

False equivalency

I think the person who defended firearms ownership has set up a false equivalency. Can he seriously compare the Glock 19, which can accept a magazine with 30 rounds plus one in the chamber, with a baseball bat? That weapon helped Jared Loughner shoot Ms. Giffords and 18 others killing six. Does he think that someone could take out 19 people with a baseball bat? I think it’s a lot easier to elude a bat than a bullet.


In national news a few days ago was former New York Mayor Michael Bloomburg announcing that he has put $50 million to, in his words, crush the NRA once and for all and get guns off the streets. Now that in and of itself is certainly not news. However his next statement was a shocker. He stated that for doing this he claims that he will have s straight path into Heaven. Wow. I know money buys influence, boy does it ever, but this is really over the top. In fact I have always been taught that money is the last thing that would get any one into Heaven. In closing I do have a piece of advice for Mr. Bloomberg. A better bet may be to fight against abortion.


Many common pesticides are associated with a variety of health problems, especially for children. Research suggests that some are linked to certain types of cancer, and can lead to weakened immune systems and developmental disorders. And the effects aren’t limited to where they’re sprayed: Pesticides often end up in our rivers, lakes and drinking water. Parents should also get educated about home products that are used. Many of the activities that children engage in - playing in the grass, putting objects into their mouth and even playing on carpet - increase their exposure to toxic pesticides.

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