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April 26, 2014

Sound Off

Ruining Earth

Stop bickering about whether it is global warming or not. The point is man has destroyed the environment and still continues to do so. It is too late. We have extreme weather that is destroying those fancy homes you cut the trees to build.

IRS bonuses

Here we go again. The IRS handing out bonuses. Who gets bonuses from work anymore? I don’t even get one at Christmas nor for an excellent review. Nope nothing wages frozen. Also, according to Elizabeth Warren, the government is making a profit on student loans? Correct me if I’m wrong but, isn’t the government supposed to be nonprofit? Where are these profits going? Why isn’t government making money from other countries like China is? Tighten up on trade not our students. If trade were tighter, it would not be as easy for business to go to foreign countries and hold us hostage for tax breaks.

Pied Pipers

Scott Brown said he wanted to eliminate the tax on medical device manufacturers by repealing Obamacare. Jeanne Shaheen said she also wanted to eliminate the same tax by amending Obamacare. I guess she didn’t get the memo. Obama has already amended Obamacare 23 times without Congress. As matter of fact one of his first amendments was exclude Congress and their staff from Obamacare because they complained they couldn’t afford the premiums. Shaheen like most of the Democrats in Washington blindly do what their told to do by Obama, Reid, and Pelosi. I don’t mind them following their Pied Pipers over a cliff; I’m afraid they’ll take the rest of us with them.


Something incredible happened in Boston Monday, nay not just Boston but our whole country, the USA. What Meb Keflezighi did was nothing short of miraculous. An aging underdog of 38 years old carried the dream in his heart and head all year to win for all the victims of last year. And win he did by 11 seconds. The secondary story here is that Meb was an immigrant who became a U.S. citizen in every sense of the word -- joining our country to give not receive, went through due process, learned our language, culture and customs, all of which contributed to him as the hero of the 2014 marathon.

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