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April 28, 2014

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Hero worship

Enough with the hero worship already, will you. Cops are not heroes, they’re simply people who have chosen a profession just like plumbers, contractors, teachers, and lawyers. No one is “forcing” them to do anything — they “volunteered” for the duty. And they are more than well-compensated for what they do. There’s nothing worse than someone seeking out hero worship for simply doing the job they signed on to do!


I am so tired of hearing guns don’t kill people! Seriously, tell me the purpose of a gun. If it just hangs in a cabinet or on a wall, then it’s an object or decoration. But how many people buy a gun and do that? That’s like buying a car and letting it sit in the driveway for show. A gun was invented and manufactured for a reason, and it wasn’t to look pretty. Guns are for hunting and killing innocent animals. People also buy guns to protect themselves. Bad people get guns to harm others. I’m not saying everyone who has a gun is bad, but some are just stupid.

Retiring hosts

Seniors have a tendency to be up late at night. We used to enjoy David Letterman and Jay Leno for entertainment. Now they are retiring. The younger late night hosts are very talented and enjoyable. But they are aimed at the young and the ridiculous screaming audiences are not for seniors. So another door closes as we age. No one is out there to entertain seniors. Some are not into bingo and the casinos.

Trash problem

Plaistow people: If you put your recycling and trash out the night before trash pickup, where do you think your junk will end up? All over the street and your neighbor’s yards. How about anchoring your recycling so it is not all over the roads and maybe putting your trash in bags. I do not want to see your garbage and I am tired of picking up your recycling junk.

Dollar foolish

To the Salem Planning Board: You guys are something else. You approve a hookah lounge in the middle of the Depot but give a man who spent millions just down the street to buy the Coca-Cola plant a hard time. You are penny wise and dollar foolish.

Lost habitat

I wonder if the person commenting on things being built where trees and open land once was realizes that the location where they now reside was most likely woods or open land at one time? Although it is sad animals are being pushed out of their habitat, it is part of a growing population that most likely will not stop.

Obama’s priority

What a great idea! If everybody in this country who is out of work due to the Obama administration’s egg-headed policies sent their resumes to Michelle Obama, perhaps the president might get the message that this needs to be his top priority!

Gun laws

In response to “false equivalency”: What does it matter the number of bullets a magazine can accept when an amateur can swap a magazine in one second? Let’s not forget one of the Columbine killers had a pocket full of 10-round magazines. Fact is hundreds of law-abiding citizens use legal weapons to protect themselves and thwart crime every day, a far larger number than crimes committed with legal guns. Let’s stop worrying about magazine capacity while the criminals laugh in our faces.