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April 29, 2014

Sound Off

Nice job

I live and walk in the Washington Street area of Methuen. It was a mess of paper and plastic products from unsecured trash put out by residents, as well other debris, such as empty beer cans thrown out of car windows. I saw some person instead of complaining about it, as I am, walking down the street with a garbage bag picking it up. He did a great job and the street looks good.


To the commenter “False equivalency”: It seems the writer missed the entire point. Firstly, the extreme example of a 30-round Glock magazine was never mentioned. I as a licensed firearm safety instructor couldn’t agree with you more that Glocks do not belong on the street, period. It’s a combat weapon and in my view, should only be carried by trained police officers or military. Lastly, your comment that it is “easier to dodge a bat vs. a bullet” is totally redundant. My friend, my point was neither are good in the wrong hands. In fact, even hands alone can kill.

Not the guns

This is the guy who defends firearm ownership. As far as comparing a Glock 19 to a baseball bat, no there is no comparison. It doesn’t matter what weapon you have. If you’re a legal gun owner, then you went through the proper screening, and most of these people don’t go out killing other people. Guns don’t do the killing, it’s the nut job that pulls the trigger. The gun cannot shoot by itself. I pray if they ever do take away our Second Amendment rights, that you never experience a home invasion, because these people will have guns, legal or not, and you will be defenseless. The only way to stop a bad person with a gun is with a good person with a gun.

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