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April 30, 2014

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Bullying

It’s amazing how the Obama administration can manage to bully the American people to achieve its own domestic ends. Those ends would include the disregard of immigration laws in order to get votes for the Democratic Party, the “Fast and Furious” scandal that has killed and put at risk the citizens near the border, and the IRS outrages that attempted to silence anyone who disagreed with the current president. But when it comes to standing up to his bullying counterpart, Putin, he runs for the hills and is incapable of defending the best interests of this country.

Student loans

This latest hare-brained Liberal idea coming out of Washington really has me steaming. Why in the world would I want student loans forgiven? First of all, I paid full boat for all of my kids’ tuitions. There was no one there to help me when I needed it. Secondly, those folks who signed up for student loans did it knowing full well that they would owe the money-not somebody else. No one held a gun to their heads to make them sign on the dotted line. If they couldn’t afford the school, maybe they should have gone to one that was less expensive. That’s what we had to do.


The city of Lawrence owes employees back pay thanks to former Mayor William Lantigua and now he wants back in the Statehouse? Lawrence, smarten up, do not let him in the Statehouse.

Social workers

Why is Justina Pelletier still in this state? Why has she not been returned to her family and home state? Those social workers who are with DCF have no problem picketing the Statehouse, but don’t do quite as well budgeting their time to make the home visits that are part of the job the taxpayers hired them to do. This agency needs to have some major oversight by someone not connected with our governor’s office, because he, too, has failed these children. This is an outrageous example of government running amok and it needs to stop now.

Mothers Day

As Mother Day approaches, I only wish I had my wonderful mother to share it with, not just on that day, but everyday. She used to say she would feel sorry for people who were taken out of the home just for that one day, which is sadly often the case or no visits at all. What about the rest of the year? I know quite a few people sadly who don’t speak to Mom or Dad. Sometimes, yes, it is because of unforgivable acts. But other times it is because the son or daughter is too selfish to interrupt the life they have. Or they resent advice given; if it is your Mom that is what they often do. Why? Because they love you and want the best for you. I hope just one person forgives on this day and goes and sees Mom. Trust me no one loves you more. Happy Mothers Day to one and all!