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April 30, 2014

Letter: Show do-nothing congressmen the door

To the editor:

While reading a weekly free paper available in many coffee shops I noticed a page made up of usual bits and pieces. One was this item that a U.S. congressman was retiring after something like 40-plus years of holding office. The interesting thing was that in all those years he never had a bill come close to ever passing. He just stuck around all those years on our dime voting present or whatever the leadership told him to do.

Now folks, someone can have an IQ south of 100 and still know that this is wrong. Anyway, it got me thinking that a major problem with our government, and one that has been around for decades, is that we have a ruling class of permanent politicians. In some ways this is not unlike countries governed by royalty or worse, dictators.

Our Founding Fathers never intended such. Within a couple of days of the above a Boston newspaper featured Sen. Ed Markey first on the front page and again on an inside page. I won’t waste space boring you with his meaningless ramblings. The ironic part is that the long-term, do-nothing congressman mentioned above may have serious competition in the form of Sen. Markey.

The opinion page in Saturday’s Eagle-Tribune said it all. A political cartoon depicted a pollster at a woman’s doorstep asking what to do with people who depend on government handouts but are too lazy to work. Her answer was, “Kick them out of Congress.”

That works for me; how about you?

James F. Holland


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