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May 1, 2014

Sound Off

Gas prices

The paper said pump prices are on the rise. Of course they are; it’s almost summer, isn’t it gas goes up in the summer and down in the winter, and then fuel oil and gas go up? It’s been that way since these fuel have been discovered and will be until a new one comes along and then that will go up. It’s called big business.

Payback time?

I’ll bet the Firefighters Union is regretting having endorsed Willie Lantigua. I wonder if the overtime cuts are “payback”?

Gas tax

If you believe that state Sen. Jim Rausch and the Democrats are only going to spend the New Hampshire gas tax on road and infrastructure repair, then you can believe Obama when he tells you “if you like your doctor you can keep him.”


I’ve often wondered why the Keystone pipeline was never built and put on permanent hold by President Obama. All approvals seemed to have been met before he took office. I mention this now because some dirty little secrets are cropping up. It seem the president is between a rock and a hard place in that supportive unions that have given him and the Democrats millions are now pushing for the Keystone.The other side of the coin is that back in 2008, the president and his loyal band of followers were given many millions not to build the pipeline. Interesting, but it gets better: the wealthy environment folks wanted the land in question to remain undeveloped. Who says government is not for sale?

Voter ID

Why are people so upset to show ID for voting? Those same people want you to show ID when buying a gun, at the liquor store, also when signing up for Obamacare and cashing a check. It seems to me showing a ID to vote — which could be more dangerous to this country than the above — makes sense. Look what happened after the last presidential election. The outcome is killing this country.

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