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May 2, 2014

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — High school

I for one am so sick of hearing about the Methuen High School. There must be other things going on in Methuen than this project! I’ll be glad when its finally done and Methuen can move on to other things.

Reagan’s fraud

Kudos to Rand Paul on Friday for finally being the one to factually trace back the Republicans’ hypocrisy on spending and fiscal discipline back to that fraud Ronald Reagan. Under Reagan the deficit more than tripled what Carter’s was in his last year and never looked back. Thank God Rand Paul is honest enough to unmask this nonsensical folklore that these delusional Republicans have been hiding behind for all these years.

Same story

I hope everybody heard our illustrious and all-knowing president talking about how the folks who are to blame for the scandal at the Bureau of Veteran’s Affairs will all be held accountable for the deaths of the vets while they were waiting to see a doctor. Right! Didn’t we hear the exact same words after Benghazi, and after “Fast and Furious”, and after the IRS scandal hit the airwaves, and after the release of the documents about the spying on American citizens -- and the list just goes on and on. So no one, nowhere, has been held accountable for any of the above. In fact, many of them have been promoted. So much for the truth coming out of the White House! Makes you wonder about the morals and quality of those people who were voted in charge of our country!

Child protection

May God help any family or child who falls into the clutches of the DCF in this state. Are there any statistics on how many children have died in the last 6 years under the loving care of these fine folks who man this bureau? And now the Statehouse is beginning to make noises about raising the money the state puts into their budget -- that is rewarding them for incompetence. I say not one penny more until these people have proven they can do the job competently that we are paying them to do. And no more bonuses. And their pensions all should be put on hold! That’ll wake them up.


Sunday morning while shopping, I had a most wonderful experience. I was waiting to check out my groceries in back of a gentleman whom I had never met before. He had a lovely bouquet of flowers in with his other groceries, so I said, facetiously, “You don’t have to take these home, you can give them to me now.” His reply was, “Well I have to take care of those at home” to which I responded, “That is so nice, I like to hear that.” He then said to the cashier, “I will be back in a minute.” When he finished paying for his groceries, he handed me the bouquet he bought additionally and said, “Here you go darlin’, have a nice day.” I hope he sees this as he did make my day. What a lovely, kind gentleman.