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May 4, 2014

Your view: Letters to the editor


Laura Walta


Obama’s foreign policy is comatose

To the editor:

The Obama administration’s foreign policy is nonexistent. He has relinquished our leadership role in the world as evidenced by various setbacks.

The State Department failed to increase security in Benghazi after receiving warnings of increased terrorist activity, and then the White House covered up the fiasco by blaming an internet video on the Benghazi attack.

Although we won the war in Iraq, terrorists are now in control of some Iraqi towns, and the Iraqi government has forged close ties to Iran while Iran moves closer to the development of nuclear weapons.

We will be withdrawing our troops from Afghanistan this year, but it appears President Hamid Karzai is cozying up to the Taliban. He recently released dozens of imprisoned terrorists.

The war in Syria continues in a stalemate between the government and its Shiite followers against the Sunni fighters, and it is drawing in other Middle East countries.

Putin is reasserting Russian power with the takeover of the Crimea. It appears he might invade eastern Ukraine under the guise of protecting Russian-speaking Ukrainians.

Obama’s proposed cutbacks in our military coupled with apologies to world leaders for our successful society, has reduced our stature in the world and hurt our national security.

Donald A. Moskowitz


Leftward turn threatens our freedom

To the editor:

This extreme presidential left turn in our government has surprised even many moderate Democratic and independent voters that had backed President Obama four years ago for moderate change. Our country remains still divided after the election. Undecided, weak presidential leadership is the rule of the day on decision making!

President Obama is constantly undermining of the Constitution and Bill of Rights by making extreme decisions through executive orders. He is seeking to accomplish a progressive agenda without consulting the Congress. Is a real danger and abuse of presidential power resulting in loss of our freedoms.

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