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May 4, 2014

Your view: Letters to the editor


These extensive regulations on business combined with uncontrollable national spending have resulted in more than $17 trillion in debt. Part-time work is expanding because of the uncertain future created by Obamacare. Minimum wage demands will slow the growth of real freedom in our country with a lack of jobs, higher interest rates and less creativity. Global warming policy is backed by a feel-good socialist agenda, while doing nothing to press foreign countries that send their polluted air to America on the trade winds.

We continue as a country dependent on foreign countries for many commodities as we send our energy, metals and agriculture products to foreign countries such as China. Inflation raises costs on Americans and will cause future huge product shortages in America with inflated prices for food, gas, energy products. Strong presidential leadership is needed now to counter a determined, expansive Russia! These policies are hurting the country and most of its citizen.

We need decent, honorable, moral, God-fearing politicians to step up with courage and preserve the nation by stopping the overspending and selling out to socialist policies and the loss of individual control over our personal freedoms! These freedoms were established in America in 1776 and are found in the documents of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Freedom was gained and paid for in American blood, for all of us. Freedom is not free.

Ed Brooks


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