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May 5, 2014

Sound Off

Poor management

Gov. Deval Patrick “reluctantly” accepted the resignation of failed DCF Commissioner Olga Roche. If the woman had the management skills to fix the problems in the department, she would have already done it. Patrick’s failure to recognize Roche’s shortcomings speaks of his own lack of managerial talent. When will we learn not to elect people with no management skills to managerial positions like the governorship or the presidency?

Road ‘fix’

We here in New Hampshire have front row seats to the Democrats’ favorite sleight-of-hand trick. There was a time not long ago when New Hampshire had the best roads and bridges in New England. Then the Democrats took over state government. They shifted state spending to all their favorite liberal causes and neglected transportation infrastructure. Now, bemoaning the sad condition of our road system, they’ve raised the gasoline tax so they can “fix things.” They actually want credit for fixing something they broke. Oh, I’m sure they’ll fix it right up; our highways may even become almost as good as those in Massachusetts! Lord save us from conniving politicians ... and from the voters who keep electing them.

Start packing

The Garcia sisters and Patrick Bick should not get too comfortable. They will be voted out of office for not representing their constituents on the casino vote. This is why we are getting a hike in the gas tax and property taxes are out of control.


I wouldn’t be shouting the success of Obamacare with the recent statistic of 8 million sign-ups. That number includes the folks who were forced to sign on because their “inferior” plans that they were happy with were cancelled. There isn’t any statistic coming on the number that have actually paid their premiums. And let’s not forget that the 8 million is unbelievably shy of the 30 million to 40 million “uninsured” the Democrats touted as the reason ACA was passed! We’re a long way from the fat lady singing!

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