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May 6, 2014

Sound Off

Gambling vote

Thank God somebody has some sense in New Hampshire. Gambling suffered a double defeat last week as expanded gaming and keno went down in flames at the Statehouse. I applaud those legislators who stood up to the pro-gaming bullies and pie-in-the-sky promises and voted with their heads and their hearts. Stand tall and proud despite the hate mail you’ll be receiving. You did the right thing. Gambling is bad news. Ask the folks who live near any of the communities duped into thinking casinos improve the quality of life and the tax base. Foxwoods in Connecticut is experiencing a continual slide of business and profits. Atlantic City is a war zone. Las Vegas is looking to become a family destination because the money is not flowing in like it once did. Casino gambling’s day has come and gone and Massachusetts and New Hampshire missed out. Now, if we could just get that referendum on repealing casinos in Massachusetts to the voters.

Botched execution

Why the president needed to comment on the botched execution of the Oklahoma murderer baffles me. This killer abducted a 14-year-old girl, tortured and raped her for hours and then buried her alive, whereupon she died from suffocation. This killer is not worthy of any sympathy from anyone. Hopefully, he got what he deserved — an excruciating, long death.

Support mayor

After returning from Arizona for the winter to Lawrence, it is refreshing to read about the good things that are finally starting to happen in the city. We now have a mayor who is passionate about the city and genuinely cares about what it takes to make Lawrence a good city again. I sincerely think there is hope now. However, we can’t take this for granted. Dan Rivera needs to know he has our continuing support.

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