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May 6, 2014

Letter: Concern about race is not 'obsessive'

To the editor:

After reading “Race obsession just wastes everyone’s time” by Barbara Anderson in the Forum section of the May 4 Sunday Eagle-Tribune, I became physically ill and saddened. I was sad because of two words in the headline of the column, “obsession and wastes.”

In her column, Anderson claims to have known the real reason why Donald Sterling was upset with his girlfriend by writing, “It seems obvious that the old fool is jealous of Magic, doesn’t want to admit it, so mentioned race instead of admitting his (probably valid) insecurity.”

Donald Sterling did not get where he is financially by not saying exactly what he really means. Anderson may very well be right about the root of his statements; however, there was no conspiracy to entrap Sterling into saying racist comments. He said what he said by his own free will. Now that people are upset at the statements it’s everyone else’s fault and everyone is obsessed.

If anything, Anderson should be writing a letter to Sterling and getting on his case about how he caused the obsession with his comments. In the words of a 3-year-old, “He started it!” The media did not ask for this, but he did by what he stated.

If Sterling made derogatory statements against victims or Holocaust survivors would the media’s reaction be considered an obsession and waste of time? No! Obsession over child abductions allowed for life saving change such as “Amber Alert.”

Furthermore, Anderson says there is a view about Obama that, “... anyone who disagrees with anything he does has to be racist.” The fact is, Obama is half white and half black and was raised by the white side of his family. Her statement gives the impression that, African-Americans, other people of color and whites who voted for Obama are too stupid to realize the difference between just disagreeing and making a racist statement.

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