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May 7, 2014

Sound Off

No casinos

To the people who keep writing in implying that the people want a casino: You speak only for yourselves. Please do not group everyone with your personal opinions. Some of us do not want it and applaud those who represent us and voted no.

Said nothing

I was reading the article about Al DiNuccio running against Linda Dean Campbell for state representative. It’s amazing in her response that in addressing Mr DiNuccio’s running she spoke but in the end danced around the subject and said absolutely nothing. People run for political office supposedly to make a difference, whether it’s locally, in state government or for office in Washington, and it doesn’t take long before the good intentions turn into just another politician.

Is that all?

Benghazi? Is that all the Republicans have? Five and half years into Obama’s presidency? I seem to remember that Reagan’s White House sold weapons to the ayatollahs in Iran and sent the profits to the Contras down in Central America after Congress outlawed U.S. aid to the Contras, and even though Iranians were overseeing the kidnapping of Americans in Lebanon. I have this vague memory of George H.W. Bush’s White House giving poison gas and anthrax to Saddam, which Saddam used on the Iranians and his own people, if the Iraq’s Kurds and Shia Arabs were ever “Saddam’s people.” And George W. Bush? I am certain that I remember a whole boatload of lies and deceptions from his White House, and thousands of American dead, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi dead, and $2 trillion deeper in the hole to show for it. Benghazi? I truly wish that that’s all Reagan and the Bushes had done.

Many questions

It’s a riot watching the liberal Democrats in Washington yelling “feet make tracks” as the special committee is set up to investigate the Benghazi fiasco that took place under our fearless president’s watch. You know, the president that couldn’t even get himself to the briefingroom while the attack took place, and the president who hasn’t answered why no help was sent to the American citizens who were murdered by the “on the run” al-Qaida organization. There are many questions that need to be answered here -- the least of which is whether or not our diplomatic staff is safe when they are sent out of the country to do our country’s work.

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