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May 8, 2014

Sound Off

Pension oversight

The story on the pension for Ken Martin of the Methuen Housing Authority is a disgrace. My question is why the board allowed Mr. Martin to get away with working for two authorities at the same time, and why his contract, which was approved by that board, did not cap his compensation for unused sick and vacation time. Why did the board fail to protect taxpayers and the Housing Authority itself? How much is that uncapped payment to Mr. Martin going to cost taxpayers, and why are our legislators silent on this outrage?


I pray to God the families of the four fallen Americans in Benghazi do not read these sarcastic attempts at humor. It’s not a laughing matter that some, including those families, want answers as to why their loved ones were killed. Some here take their sarcasm about this matter a step or two (or 1,000) over the line. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, there is no place for sarcasm or lame attempts at making light of this tragic situation. Truly shameful.

Patrick’s mistake

Gov. Deval Patrick may have “reluctantly” accepted the resignation of DCF Commissioner Roche. What was her reward for failure? He is keeping her on the payroll as a “consultant” to the DCF with her full salary. Once more the taxpayers are paying for total incompetence because of our governor who won’t admit he made a mistake in hiring her and not firing her.

Street sweeping

It was interesting to watch the Methuen street sweepers bobbing and weaving around the trash barrels and the trash trucks on a scheduled trash pick-up day. When you look outside you can see how much of the street actually got swept. It makes you wonder what the mindset is at the DPW when they set these schedules. It looks as if they should spend less time testing shovel handles and more time checking where they can dispatch the sweepers to be more effective.

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