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May 9, 2014

Sound Off

Safer place

New Hampshire will be a safer place for drivers thanks to the good folks in Concord who have approved a ban on drivers using hand-held cellphones. Please, Governor, sign that bill. It’s time distracted driving was reduced on our roads. The devices have become a way of life for the majority of drivers. I, for one, would enjoy being disconnected during my daily commute. I remember early studies that said a driver using the cellphone was as likely as a drunken driver to get into a crash. Common sense coming from the Granite State -- amazing.

Ask your Mommy

Did the governor of New Hampshire sign legislation to change the state motto to “Ask Your Mommy”? So I can’t pump tokens into New Hampshire slots and I can’t take business calls on my cell phone. What’s next? I can hear the clarion call of “it’s for the children” or “sensible gun control” or one of the other mommy state cliches ringing out in our Statehouse. Can I sue the state when some challenged individual screams over to the side of the road to comply with the cell phone law and takes out my car in the process? Prediction: More accidents will occur from hasty pull-overs than current accidents from folks yakking on their devices. It’s the law of unintended consequences. When will the “Ask Your Mommy” plates be ready at the DMV?

Defending Obama

These few liberal Democrats that are writing Sound Off to defend Obama and using the excuse that he is doing the same things Bush and Reagan have done is ridiculous, old and quite pathetic. Obama’s entire campaign was based on being different from the others, honest and very transparent. Obama has proven himself to be far worse than his predecessors and has continued unprecedented fraud and deception upon the American people. For those liberal Democrats who insist on using this same old tactic over and over again please come up with a better defense mechanism for Obama or keep quiet because the majority of American people won’t buy it anymore.

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