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May 10, 2014

Sound Off


Why are the Democrats so reluctant to investigate Benghazi? If the Dems are so certain they have done nothing wrong, have nothing to worry about and have not covered up the truth, then they should be quite eager to vindicate themselves and have the Republicans appear as playing politics and look ridiculous. But like the guilty adolescents and liars they are, they want to boycott the hearings and avoid the hearings at all costs. Calling the hearings a waste of taxpayers’ money, now that’s a joke. Since when do Democrats care how they spend our money? They have even have the liberal press on their side to keep from reporting on anything related to the Benghazi special committee. You have to have your head in the sand and be totally oblivious if you can’t detect the obvious that indeed they have something huge to hide. Me thinks they protest too much and are truly petrified the truth of their corruption and crimes will all be revealed.

Casino vote

Why do some Salem state representatives and selectmen tend to criticize the three Salem representatives who did not vote for the casino bill? Supposedly, 81 percent of voters voted in favor of gambling in Salem. Don’t the 19 percent who voted against it deserve some representation in Concord as well? There are many of us that will still vote for the Garcia sisters and Patrick Bick because of their stance. We want to keep Salem the small-town, family community that it is. If New Hampshire and the town need to balance their budgets, why don’t they find a way to cut needless spending, instead of balancing them on the backs of Salem residents?

Road rules

If you want to share the road with cars, please remember if you have wheels -- bikes, etc. -- you must go the same direction as the cars. If you have feet -- walking — you must go facing the oncoming cars. And please all stay on the same side of the road. How hard is this to remember?

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