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May 29, 2014

Sound Off


Isn’t it amazing? Our fearless president can send Americans into Nigeria to try to find kidnapped girls, but he’s unable to give the order to save our folks who are under attack in Benghazi. Sure makes you feel good that those people in the White House know what they are doing and they are on our side!


Bravo to Ann Halloran for her letter regarding marriage being the union of a man and a woman. I totally agree with her. What better source than as stated in the Bible. Also, as her letter states, I firmly believe that it represents the very fiber of our society. This should not be construed as any discrimination against gay rights. I believe they should be afforded the rights of all citizens where appropriate.

Bible says

To the person who did not agree with The Eagle-Tribune’s position on gay marriage, I have to ask: Do you own slaves? Because the Bible says it’s OK to own slaves. Don’t be a hypocrite now!


I hope all of you who voted for Obama are paying attention to the VA fiasco. This is what you get when you let the government run health care. And you say you wanted single-payer health care. Wake up, folks it’s only going to get worse!

No rumor

It is a shame that someone started a rumor that Methuen Councilor Tom Ciulla had died. But it is no rumor that he has been “killing” Methuen’s taxpayers since he was elected.

Blaming Bush

Well, it had to happen. All the liberals are now blaming Bush for the veterans scandal. This president is now into his sixth year and has done nothing to solve these problems. Oh wait, he didn’t find out about it until he saw it in the news. Who is running this country? This is a disgrace. Here we are at a time when we remember those who have served our country, and we have a president who doesn’t even know how there are those who are dying, not from war, but from not being treated for what they have gone through. Shame on this administration. Our vets are dying each week and yet this president denies it. Scandal after scandal in this administration. I am so hoping the this will awaken the sleeping giant and people will demand answers.

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