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May 29, 2014

Sound Off


No raises

It has been reported that a protest of 2,000 McDonald’s workers occurred at corporate headquarters in Oak Brook, Ill., this past week. The heart of the story that this reader feels came out of this is how it was possible for a worker who’s eight years of loyalty in taking care of McDonald’s customers and helping the company reach its profit objectives has been rewarded with — well, not much. According to the news report, Amanda Wenninghoff, a mother, of Kansas City, Mo., who was one of the protesters, has worked for McDonald’s for eight years and has not received one single pay raise in that time. This is beyond despicable. This reader works for Wal-Mart. While a Wal-Mart job may not be considered the most lucrative in the job market, I can say that at least Wal-Mart has had the decency to give me a pay raise each year for the 19 years I have been with the company.

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