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May 29, 2014

Editorial: Remy came close to doing the right thing

After a life of hooliganism, bullying and beating, Jared Remy was on the verge of doing the right thing. He fell short.

Remy, the son of legendary Red Sox sportscaster Jerry Remy, pleaded guilty this week to the first-degree murder of his girlfriend Jennifer Martel, the mother of his 4-year-old daughter. Jared Remy had beaten Martel, then stabbed her to death.

The guilty plea surprised many legal eagles in Boston. They had predicted that Jared Remy, who had appeared prepared to fight the charges, would push for leniency. His guilty plea was a move that derailed what would have been a bitter and painful murder trial, and it was there that Jared Remy came close to doing something right. But then, during a half-hearted mea culpa delivered at his court hearing this week, Jared Remy blamed the victim of his heinous crime.

“I would like you to know that I always told Jen she could leave, but don’t threaten me with my daughter,” he read from a hand-written statement. “That night, Jen had a knife in her hand and threatened me with my daughter, so I killed her.”

In Jared Remy’s mind, he’s still not fully responsible for his crime.

Jared Remy’s main interest appeared to be protecting his family. His father in particular has been under fire, with many calling for him to step down from announcing Red Sox games — at least until the trial is over.

“I would like to say blame me for this and not my family,” Jared Remy said.

Let’s remember Jared Remy alone stood accused of this horrific murder, not his parents. Jerry Remy has suffered, too, through public scrutiny and some blame for the sins of a child well into adulthood.

Jerry Remy will, no doubt, continue to suffer. But he should be allowed to live his life as he sees fit, inside the broadcast booth and without.

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