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May 30, 2014

Sound Off

Not political?

Methuen Mayor Stephen Zanni claims that doing away with former Councilor Condon’s wife’s position in the budget is “not political.” Give me a break! This from a mayor who had a “tizzy fit” when he tried to privatize the IT Department during his first term and councilors didn’t vote for it. This is a mayor who has used the “political” hot potato himself when things or people didn’t go or agree with him. So I can almost see where this removal from the budget just may have been political. Watch it, Mayor Zanni, your halo is slipping!

Manage budget

Mayor Zanni is 100 percent correct. The fire chief should manage his overtime budget or find someone else who can. In the private sector this is called gross incompetence.

Modify style

Under Mayor Zanni’s authoritarian and dictatorial leadership style, he tolerates no dissent or actions that detract from his brilliance. I pray the mayor will stop his campaign against those who don’t always support him but have often supported him in the past. They will not be his intractable enemies unless he makes it so. Application of the Golden Rule and sharing credit for the city’s successes with his “little people” that make them possible would do much to improve his rule and make things more pleasant in the city. Perhaps the mayor might be a little happier if he modified his style.

True patriot

If I knew Edward Snowden’s address somewhere in Russia, I would send him a copy of the front page of The Eagle-Tribune with the story about Haverhill veteran Michael Frost, who said: “Wherever bullets flew, that flag was with me.” A true patriot and hero to a true traitor and coward.

Tennis injuries

In the paper recently was an article about a lawsuit against the NFL and all the injuries they have later in life. This brings to mind all the injuries now in tennis. I played tennis for many years and, when played right, there were not very many injuries. But the players today know very little about the beauty of real tennis. Federer is the only player left that plays real tennis and he is about ready to retire. The players now just hit the ball as hard as they can. When you do that for a few hours in the hot sun every day, you are going get aches and pains. Nadal comes to mind but he is only one. When they all retire they are going to have serious aches that they never knew existed -- and you can take that to the bank.

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