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June 2, 2014

Sound Off

Zanni’s raise

Mayor Zanni’s request for a 25-percent pay increase is out of line. The City Council should decide if he deserves one in my opinion that is a conflict to have him suggest he deserves one. It does not matter how much he saves the city, it is his job! The average person only gets a 3-percent pay increase a year if they are lucky!

GM debt

The caller stated that General Motors paid back their debt, which is true. But what the caller didn’t seem to understand is the the taxpayers lost about $10 billion in the deal, getting back only about 80 percent of what the taxpayers spent. The information is in Forbes Magazine’s December 2013 issue.

Broken promises

Please consider when voting for a new Hunking School that retired people who lived in this city for 50 to 60 years are on fixed incomes and can’t afford the new taxes. Please consider the broken promises to hold taxes even at 2 1/2 percent. Consider broken promises for up-keep and maintenance on city properties and schools, broken promises on holding the line on city services and rates that go up every year. Maybe, just maybe if we weren’t so over-taxed already.

Which is it?

I love how former Methuen Councilor Mike Condon talks out of both sides of his mouth. Last year it was perfectly fine to cut a health director from the budget and this year he cries when his wife gets the ax! Which one is it Mike?

Political game

Mike Condon has played the political game for 30 years. Now he’s crying foul? You’re either in the penthouse or the outhouse.

VA travesty

Those folks who work in Veterans Affairs who have been yanking around our veterans for years are a disgrace to this country and, if looked at carefully enough, could even be call “traitors”. That they could not bestir their overly large backsides enough to see that these men and women who have preserved the very freedom that has been violated here is a travesty. They should be fired and cut off from the public trough with no pension and no recourse. Why do we put up with this mediocrity, even as we pay them more money than they could ever hope to earn if they could even get a job in the private sector?

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