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June 3, 2014

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Pipe down

The trouble with this country is people talk too much. Too many talk shows, analysts that have to interpret hours of coverage or a political speech we just watched (everyone is an expert), cell phones, iPhones, etc. Everyone is looking for their 15 minutes of fame with videoing and posting on YouTube. Neighbors are being interviewed at crime scenes. Everyone has an opinion and has their “rights.” Just shut up and enjoy life and humanity!

Minimum wage

A columnist from Los Angeles wrote that if the minimum wage went to $10.10 we would lose jobs. In this day and age with the price of everything going out of sight the talk of $15 an hour is in the future. I am a lot older than this writer and have seen it all, and I do mean all. The $15 minimum wage will be here not because I say so but because it is a reality and when that comes everything will freeze. If it does go up so will Social Security, unemployment insurance and retirement. There will be big changes in the future but they are coming.

Mayor’s raise

It is very presumptuous for Mayor Stephen Zanni to give himself a 25-percent pay raise. Any pay raise for public officials should take effect after the next election. I hope the City Council will do its due diligence and strike that line from the budget. Mayor Zanni knew what the pay for the mayor’s job was when he ran for office. Is anyone minding the till in Methuen?

School campaign

The Haverhill For Hunking campaign group is putting out some pretty slick and expensive-looking mailings. Who is paying for this? I hope there is no public money involved.

Another school

History has shown that whenever the Haverhill School Committee gets involved in a building program, it’s more often than not a disaster. Millions in taxpayer money has been wasted because of poor oversight and construction. Examples are the Nettle, Pentucket Lake, Haverhill High addition and now Hunking. The best quality of construction is at St. James School, and that’s because it was built by the Boston Archdiocese. I’m voting “no” on the new Hunking.

Our responsibility

To the old skinflint who doesn’t want to pay even $10 a month for a new Hunking School (which will substantially improve his or her property values): It is certainly fortunate for you that the people of your parents’ generation did not feel the same way about paying for the schools that you attended. Do you have grandchildren? I do, and I want them to attend schools that are not crumbling around them. We all went to schools that previous generations paid for. It is our obligation to do so. It’s called “paying it forward.” It will cost you less per month than your daily coffee and doughnut. And if you smoke too, a lot less!


This is in response to the person upset about the beach closing for 10 plovers. Did you ever stop and thing there were only 10? Does that tell you anything? More and more wildlife is disappearing from this Earth. Those birds nested there long before we came along. The beach is closed only until the eggs hatch and the babies fly off on their own, which is only a few weeks. Why this bothers you is beyond me, as it’s too cold for swimming and sunning. It will be sad when all our wildlife is gone and all we have to look at are people like you.