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June 3, 2014

Letter: We owe Haverhill's children a new Hunking School

To the editor:

I am a recently retired, long-time Haverhill teacher, now living in Florida. My ties to Haverhill education are multi-generational, as my family and I attended elementary, middle, high school, and even college in Haverhill, dating back to the early 1950s. As the topic of this “Letter to the Editor,” and of a soon coming election, I will focus on the Hunking Middle School. I am reminded that two of my siblings, my wife, our three children, and even a grandson have attended the Caleb Dustin Hunking School since its inception and its first graduating class, almost six decades ago

In addition to my family’s ties to the school as students, my having spent over 10 years at Hunking as a seventh grade language arts/reading teacher gives me some additional perspective on the school and the integral part it plays in educating Haverhill’s children. It is these children and those of our coming years for whom we provide a truly first-class educational environment. We must give them our very best, in order that they may grow mature, and become responsible citizens, parents, leaders, and productive workers in tomorrow’s business economy, our community, and all endeavors of society.

As an English teacher and a friend, I am often called upon to write letters of recommendation for both children and adults, as they pursue further educational or job-related opportunities. The recommendation I make in this letter may be the most important one of all. As it could affect thousands of Haverhill children in the coming decade, and with no exaggeration at all, tens of thousands, as Haverhill educates its young people in the coming years.

We have a solemn responsibility as a part of a Haverhill family and community. We are charged with providing all of our children with the absolute best tools available for ensuring their ability to learn those things that will provide for their and our well-being in the coming years. We have a responsibility to have up-to-date technology, textbooks, and supplemental materials for our students. We have a duty to supply our school systems with the best educators that we can find. We are also bound by a moral community code of doing what is best for our Haverhill children in providing a first class educational facility that allows for an atmosphere that is conducive to safety, learning, and success. For Haverhill to vote to do anything less is to fail our children, our families, and our community.

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