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June 3, 2014

Letter: New school keeps Haverhill moving forward

To the editor:

When my husband and I moved into Haverhill 11 years ago, we were on the five-year plan. Then the real estate market crashed. I was panicked and did not know what to do.

Our oldest son was about to go into kindergarten and all I heard was how old and badly maintained our school buildings were, the worst being Hunking Middle School, which will be torn down in 2017 no matter what. Then, we got into Silver Hill School and decided to stay and now we never want to leave. We were very lucky to get into one of the new buildings in the city.

Over the past 10 years we have come to absolutely love the city of Haverhill and all it has to offer. I’m very active in our PTO, the Jewish Literacy Coalition, community theater and the District Parent Council. I have also dabbled in the local government to see where I could be of assistance in moving this great city forward.

My oldest will be going into Consentino Middle School in 2015. So the building of a new Hunking Middle School does not affect us directly, although indirectly the repercussion would be enormous. The overcrowding of the already crowded middle schools, the cost of busing students all over the city, the cost of a new Greenleaf Elementary, and finally the drop in real estate -- these things all concern me.

We have one of the best cities in the state. Let’s focus on continuing to move things forward. I highly encourage a “yes” vote on June 10 for every citizen in Haverhill.

Helen Zbitnoff


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