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June 5, 2014

Sound Off

Tax increase

Haverhill citizens, don’t be duped. The vote on June 10 is to increase your taxes. If you pay $170 today and your tax is scheduled to go down to $100 tomorrow, your taxes would be $100. However, if the day after tomorrow, your tax goes up to $170, your taxes have just been increased by $70. Don’t be duped and don’t buy into the propaganda that your taxes are not going up. They are going up.

Vote ‘no’

Holy cow, the pro-Hunking people are really bringing out the big guns, this weekend they’re coming “across the bridge” loaded with signs and more propaganda. Isn’t it amazing when you listen to them that there are absolutely no negatives to building this school. Everything I’m reading states that we have a responsibility to our children. Well, not only do we have an obligation to our children but we also have a civic responsibility to our senior citizens who just can’t afford these tax increases year after year. The real sad part about this Hunking story is that there’s nobody is representing them. To further my aggravation, in conversation with someone from Bradford this morning he stated that the only reason he was voting “yes” was to increase his property value, otherwise he would surely vote “no”, so don’t sob to me how it’s all about the children. To the elderly of Haverhill and those that are just plain sick of tax increases and money mismanagement, get out and vote “no” on the new Hunking.

School vote

Vote “no” on the Proposition 2 1/2 override. Throwing more money at something is never the solution. And there are no money trees growing in the back yard of every taxpayer. The city should learn to live within its means. My W2-forms show our family gave over 10 percent to charities of our choosing last year. So spare me the “pay it forward” mentality. Choosing where to do your good deeds is not the same as being forced to pay by law. As a homeowner who spends hundreds on yearly curriculum to home-school, I get no tax credit from the state. It is not my job to pay for every child ever born for the next 60 to 70 years. Schools should be more like a toll road, if you use it then you pay for it. This “entitled to other people’s money” mentality must stop. Hardworking ants do not have to hand over everything to lazy grasshoppers who can’t manage themselves. For shame.

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