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June 6, 2014

Sound Off

Beware of scams

To the caller “Lonely”: I am sorry for your loss of your beloved husband. But please do not start looking for solace in the likes of calls from strangers on the telephone as sooner rather than later someone is going to sense your vulnerability and then you will not only be lonely, but you will be broke to boot! Get yourself up and go to your local senior center or start going to church but be careful. There are a lot of scammers out there just waiting for a hurting, wounded person such as yourself. Take your time and be careful in your choices you will be fine. And call some family or good friends and ask them to introduce you into their circle of friends. The world is full of good people just like you. Don’t give up! Best wishes, and may God bless you.


GAR Park is not the place for a playground. The Korean War memorial is a beautiful monument, something Haverhill should be proud of; a playground should not be put near it. Surely, another more open space can be found to put a playground. Also, is anyone thinking of the traffic on Main Street and the safety factor?


I’m happy to hear that GAR Park in Haverhill will be getting a facelift. But what about the Korean War monument, a gaudy monument to ugliness and bad taste? I have nothing but deep respect for the American men and the few women who served, suffered and sacrificed in that war, a war that eventually brought freedom and prosperity to 50 million South Koreans, while half that number live in poverty and in slavery to a false utopian dream in the North. But that ugly monument, tear it down and put up something small and tasteful -- a stone, an obelisk -- in its place. And please, no more monuments in the park. We need to preserve the grass and trees.

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