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November 20, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Trash pickup

Several streets in the Mann Street area did not get their trash, recycling, or yard waste picked up. Where do you put next week’s trash when your bins were not picked up?

No more war

I hope the powers that be stop to think before they get us into another battle like Vietnam or Iraq. I hope they stop and think how many more will die and how many more are going to come home and need help from the VA which cannot take care of all now there are so many. Also, they have no jobs to go to. Please, if it’s not a declared war, don’t get in it.

Huntsman 2016

Romney’s loss, while unexpected, was not unwarranted because he was not the best batter in a league of sad candidates — truly a comedy of errors. If Republicans have any sense, they should not nominate Paul Ryan in 2016, who, no doubt, has presidential ambitions, but bring back Jon Huntsman. And if this old-timer is still around in four years, Jon could get my vote.


I am a very disgusted person I have been giving to my favorite charities for 60 years and to Jerry Lewis since he has been on TV and also to a few local. I do this because I want to, but now I get mail from all over the country from Oregon to the deep South and many in between. I no longer live in my home and so have no bills. I thought when I moved it all would end but they found me at my new address. I feel so disgusted about this my brain says to drop them all and give nothing but my heart says to keep doing what I’m doing. I mentioned all this because I would like to hear from others. I know there are many more out there.


It is good to see that with all that is going on in the world, people still have a sense of humor. People degrading their property and the neighborhood with snow stakes — that’s funny!


Memo to Republicans: Just because you got your butts kicked on Nov. 6, that doesn’t mean you should cave on your party’s platform positions. Continue the hard line on illegal immigrants and immigration reform — no pathway to citizenship for illegals, even if they have young kids who were born here and are U.S. citizens. Stand firm on right-to-life. Women shouldn’t be making these decisions for themselves. Overturn Roe v. Wade. Women voters will come around if you just keep pounding home the message. Don’t give ground on gay marriage. Young voters will change their minds as they get older. Of course, also don’t plan on winning any national elections in the foreseeable future. That includes never seeing a majority in the Senate and probably losing your majority in the House. Seriously guys, you’ve got to re-think a few things if you want to remain relevant. It no longer makes any difference if you believe these positions are right, just like it doesn’t make any difference if you believe the world is flat. The majority of voters in this country doesn’t support these positions and won’t vote for candidates who do.