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November 26, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Privatization

Help me understand this: Mayor Stephen Zanni proposes a way to save a half million dollars and council Chairman Jennifer Kannan says simply no without any explanation? Why is she in that office? Her job is to save money for the people of Methuen. That money could be better spent on other services that are needed! Election time will bring some changes if these people can’t do their job!

Heavy traffic

I am noticing lately that no matter what time of day or night, there is heavy traffic. I figured it was due to the bad economy and so many people out of work. But they are all shopping! The stores are crowded at the registers and this was before Black Friday and the Christmas extravaganzas. So is it just propaganda about the economy and the jobless rate? Is there someone behind the curtain pulling the controls?

Getting hammered

I read where Rep. Jim Lyons seeks to kill state aid for illegal immigrants. I say amen. I for one am sick of working my butt off to make ends meet, staying on a budget, putting off home repairs, while illegals are getting all the benefits that I help pay for. This governor is doing all he can to patronize the illegals. Where is the money coming from? My pocket. Now I read where this state needs more money to pay for all the mistakes that the medical firm made and where is that money coming from? My pocket. Enough is enough. People need to get in touch with their representatives, whether Democratic or Republican, and tell them, no more free housing, food stamps, free medical, tuition, and soon to be drivers’ licenses. Who is watching out for the middle class here? We are getting hammered — which Liz Warren used over and over. People of Massachusetts, unite and raise your voices. Tell them no more perks for those who jump ahead of those who wait for years to get into this country.

Internet sales

Great idea by State Treasurer Steve Grossman, seconded by letter writer John C. Comeau, on the taxing of Internet sales. Place another burden on us already strapped taxpayers and perhaps drive even more business across the border to New Hampshire. As an alternate idea, how’s about taking a look at reducing the size of state government, finding efficiencies to reduce waste, bringing future public employee pensions and benefits in line with the private sector, and eliminating waste and fraud in state entitlement programs. Any of those might make up for the alleged loss in revenue of $387 million. And all could lead to elimination of the sales tax altogether increasing business, creating jobs, and developing a robust state economy.

Preschool closing

I just read the article about the Methuen school superintendent closing the Rangerland preschool for the safety of the high school students who work there. Considering it’s high school students who are walking and crossing Pleasant View Street, I would think they’re old enough and aware enough to look both ways when crossing the street, or walking along Pleasant View Street. Dollars to doughnuts it’s more likely that it’s an economical reason why the program is closing.

Shame on the school administrators who made this decision. I don’t have children in the system anymore and after reading this I’m glad I don’t.