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November 30, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Drug arrests

I would like to know how many people are as outraged as I am when reading about the drug raid in Haverhill, and learning that those arrested are all on SSI and SSDI. Enough is enough. We, who are hard working, are sick and tired of these people who are sucking the life out of the system I cannot believe how many are on this. If they are able to sell drugs, then they can find a job. I blame doctors and lawyers who so blatantly find a way for these people to get the benefits. Where are our representatives? These benefits should be taken away from these people immediately. We keep enabling the lazy and this has to stop. No wonder we are heading for the cliff. I think we are already there.


Once again, it is that magical time of year when we have our brave and valiant heroes taking down all those menacing deer right before Christmas! It’s a good thing that they have their high-powered rifles and bows. I hope Rudolph escapes. Have a miserable Christmas, hunters.

Counting their money

A Sound Off caller thinks that just because a person is a Republican, it means that he or she has extra money and time for counting it? Sounds like the rhetoric and smear that the media repeats over and over about Republicans and conservatives each day. Is it irresponsible to earn your own money and pay your own bills with it? How many millions of dollars does the president have tucked away? How about Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid as well as many others in the government? How much money have any of them donated? Let’s talk about that and remind the working people every day that these Democrats are calling themselves “compassionate.” What is compassionate about bankrupting and destroying America?

The wealthy

I can’t believe how many people believe only Republicans are rich. Look on the Internet, there are two sites that list figures. One says there are 63 million registered Democrats, 47 million Republicans and 32 million independent. The other says 72 million Democrats, 55 million Republicans and 42 million others. It varies, but seems to show the Republicans are outnumbered nearly 2-1 by others. With 2 percent of the population wealthy overall, that means there are several millions more rich non-Republicans than Republicans. Just take a look at George Soros, the Kennedys, Kerry, the Hollywood elite and others who are extremely wealthy Democrats. To think only Republicans own businesses, or invest in stock, or otherwise know how to make money is not being smart. So wise up. Republicans don’t want any special groups being singled out for tax increases or anything else. But this president has pandered to special interest after special interest, driving these groups away from each other and developing a selfish approach for themselves only. So we have a country divided. I suppose Democrats think that’s great.