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December 3, 2012

Questions about Rice's role

When American lives are at stake, politics should have no role in explanations for events that take place or actions taken by those who are responsible for protecting America.

There is little doubt that politics played a major role in the administration’s attempts to explain what happened in Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012. Now those explanations have blown up in the faces of many in the administration, particularly U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice. She has apologized for some of her remarks made publicly five days after our Benghazi consulate was burned to the ground and four Americans were killed in a terrorist attack.

No doubt Rice’s statements, implying that the attack was caused by a video, were wrong. She blames those erroneous statements on inaccurate intelligence made available to her. Yet, it is a probability that President Barack Obama wants to appoint Rice as our next secretary of state.

Should those erroneous statements be cause for questioning Rice’s ability to act as our secretary of state for the next four years? The truth about Benghazi must be known before Rice should even be considered as a nominee.

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