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December 4, 2012

Letter: Don't raises taxes, cut spending

To the editor:

Gov. Deval Patrick is calling for a transportation tax increase, even while our state government continues to spend lavishly. I guess he would rather the taxpayers shoulder the burden than cronies and bureaucrats.

According to state payroll information, 1,075 state employees made $150,000 or more in 2011. Over $5 billion total was spent on state employees last year. If the goal is balancing the budget, this certainly seems like a good place to look.

In addition, it was uncovered earlier this year that $118 million was spent on health care for illegal immigrants. Now Patrick has issued an executive order, bypassing the Legislature, giving illegals in-state college tuition.

What about the MBTA bailout in June? Perhaps holding the MBTA accountable wouldvhave eliminated the need for tax hikes.

Clearly there are many areas where spending could be cut. But instead, ourvstate government insists on taking more of our hard-earned money. It seriously calls into question whether our elected officials care about representing our interests. And if they do not, perhaps we should stop sending them back year after year.

Mark Mezzina

North Andover

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