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December 10, 2012

Letter: GOP should remember there's no 'R' in 'team'

To the editor:

While playing in a basketball game in my youth, I found myself in a situation that I had no one to pass the ball to. The only option was to take a desperation shot.

Republicans continue to play political games when the country needs them to get serious.

The Republican Congress passed a $715 billion stimulus alternative package, then criticized President Obama for excessive spending. They hammered Obama for cutting $790 billion out of Medicare and then, after the presidential election, criticized him for not cutting enough.

Before the election they claimed the president did not have an economic plan. After the president made his proposal to avoid the so-called “fiscal cliff,” they claimed his proposal was the same as before the election.

The Republicans have submitted a generic counter-proposal to the president’s offer that lacked details. Their plan would close loopholes and eliminate deductions in the tax codes, without stating which loopholes and deductions would be eliminated.

If the president accepted this proposal he would have to decide what deductions would be eliminated. That being the case, in order to solve the $1.2 trillion deficit, deductions such as home mortgage interest, medical expenses and retirement contributions would have to be eliminated.

The president would then appear to be hurting the middle class and would give the Republicans more fodder to throw him under the bus.

Republicans have to stop playing games and focus on the business of government and submit a comprehensive economic plan that will be viable. Otherwise they may find themselves in a desperation situation at the buzzer.

Incidentally, my shot rattled the rim and the opposing team got the rebound.

John W. Conte


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