EagleTribune.com, North Andover, MA

December 11, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Cold case

They must be kidding! Now, the police and district attorney are asking for our help to solve this year-old horrendous Andover crime, when all the clues are now stone-cold. A year ago they wouldn’t even tell the locals anything, though everyone was asking questions and wanted to know more. To begin with and to enlighten our local ghost-busters, this is obviously a major professional crime, not some random accidental one and the only way to get information is to pay big reward money. Even the bad guys will rat on each other if the price is right! So spread the news, from Boston to Bangor and all points in between and see what happens! Duh!

Back off

I transport wonderful people in my van. I would like to say to all the tailgaters: You need to stop. If I brake for a squirrel, you will be at fault.

Take their money

When very young, I worked during the Depression. We did not pay into Social Security or unemployment or retirement and we did not pay taxes for the reason that we did not make enough. When the workers started to make big money during the war, they then paid taxes and have done so ever since. No one wants to see people lower their standard of living to pay taxes. Now the only ones that will not lose or lower that living standard are the 1 percent that have it all. As has been said before, France raised their tax for the rich to 75 percent a few weeks ago. Now the 1 percent in this country stands for well over 3 million people. One of the Sound Off callers said we would be lucky to get $60 billion. Is he kidding? The two top men in the 1 percent have almost that much themselves per person. When we go from the first man all through the 3 million-plus there could well be over $1 trillion doing nothing except laying there and making more money on just interest that will never be spent.


The Nevins Memorial Library has beautiful, elegant holiday decorations which provide a festive touch throughout the library. Thank you to the staff there for making the library such a warm, bright place even in winter.

Company sold

A123 Inc. of Massachusetts went bankrupt after $249.1 millions in taxpayer funding was invested for “Green Energy” jobs creation. A123 Inc. has 2,000 employees, and they have developed lithium ion storage batteries for electric grid storage, electric automobiles, etc. In the bankruptcy auction of Dec. 10, Wanxiang Group of China was the high bid at $256.6 million to buy our battery company. Wanxiang wants it because we have a better product than what they have developed in China. We taxpayers footed the bill to create a new and better product, and now it is being sold to China? Call your senator and put a stop to this outrage! This is not free trade. This is selling the job creation that the politicians keep promising us!