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December 13, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Free stuff

So let me get this straight. According to a recent Sound Off comment, a person who is wealthy has so much money he should pay more taxes than he already pays now! What’s next? Should people who have too big a home have to take in the homeless? All this so the government can give other people, many of whom are in the USA illegally, more entitlements like free housing, free food, free cell phones, free education, free health care, unemployment, EBT cards — the list goes on. Well what this person who said he lived through the Depression needs to realize is this is not the same USA as then. Now liberals will give you the shirt off your back.

Missing in action

Where is our fearless phantom president? Everything is falling apart and he’s still not in action. We still can’t find him. He’s the worst president we’ve ever had.

Worker fired

I really do feel for Tom Sapienza, the fired DPW laborer. But it seems to me that the city has done all it can for this man. They’ve allowed him to use his sick time, vacation and personal leave time. You can’t just hold somebody’s job forever. There’s work that needs to be done. He should be able to find a family member who can stay with her for the eight hours while he’s at work. I see no wrongdoing here on the city’s part at all.


Any city or town that designates a spot for medical marijuana is really ridiculous. Federal law trumps state law and local law. Federal law still says it’s illegal. No one could sue you and go to court and win. It would have to go to federal court, which would throw the suit out. It’s a ridiculous matter.


I see that Elizabeth Warren overspent her money, just like President Obama overspends his money.

Fiscal cliff

My son is a senior at Methuen High. He is an A student and he has no idea what the fiscal cliff is about and nobody at the school is explaining it. What is going on?


I thought only the national Republican Party was a bunch of cry-babies. But I guess we’ve got them here in the Merrimack Valley, too. So Elizabeth Warren didn’t figure on so many volunteers eating pizza and drinking coffee. Oh my God! Give it up. Your candidate in the $800 barn coat lost. Go away.

No big deal

All candidates have debts left over. That’s no big deal for Elizabeth Warren.

Give it up

Will all you Obama and Warren haters just give it up. They won, you lost. It’s over.

Making the rules

Tell me why we have a Congress when the president makes all the rules. My way or the highway.

Start at top

Gov. Patrick is looking for ways to cut the budget. Why don’t we start at the top? How about if we cut the salaries of our governing officials. New Hampshire pays its representatives and senators very little to do the job. Why is it that Massachusetts feels it necessary to pay such exorbitant salaries?

More money

Leave it to the Democrats to want more money. Instead of helping to create jobs, they want only to extend unemployment, which was just supposed to be temporary.