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December 13, 2012

Sound Off



I see that Elizabeth Warren overspent her money, just like President Obama overspends his money.

Fiscal cliff

My son is a senior at Methuen High. He is an A student and he has no idea what the fiscal cliff is about and nobody at the school is explaining it. What is going on?


I thought only the national Republican Party was a bunch of cry-babies. But I guess we’ve got them here in the Merrimack Valley, too. So Elizabeth Warren didn’t figure on so many volunteers eating pizza and drinking coffee. Oh my God! Give it up. Your candidate in the $800 barn coat lost. Go away.

No big deal

All candidates have debts left over. That’s no big deal for Elizabeth Warren.

Give it up

Will all you Obama and Warren haters just give it up. They won, you lost. It’s over.

Making the rules

Tell me why we have a Congress when the president makes all the rules. My way or the highway.

Start at top

Gov. Patrick is looking for ways to cut the budget. Why don’t we start at the top? How about if we cut the salaries of our governing officials. New Hampshire pays its representatives and senators very little to do the job. Why is it that Massachusetts feels it necessary to pay such exorbitant salaries?

More money

Leave it to the Democrats to want more money. Instead of helping to create jobs, they want only to extend unemployment, which was just supposed to be temporary.

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