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October 5, 2012

Sound Off

Buddy responds

To “Move over, buddy,” who complained about people driving too slow in the high speed lane at 65 mph. In case you can’t read, the speed limit is 65 mph. Why should I break the law to make you happy? And in case you haven’t heard, there’s passing on the right. So go ahead and kill yourself but don’t ask me to go with you.

Haberdasher Harry

Hoover wasn’t the only president who was a businessman. People tend to forget that Harry Truman owned a haberdashery. Also, what about George W. Bush?

Or business

The Sound Off caller who said that the last businessman to hold the presidential office was Herbert Hoover is definitely wrong. The last businessman was Harry S. Truman. It seems as though no Democrat understands politics.

We blame Hoover

One of the letters today chastised Obama and at the end of the letter said Romney is a businessman and can turn the country around. Hoover was also a businessman and also the worst president on record. He started the Great Depression He did walk away a millionaire when the dam was built. Romney is out of his league and should know by now that he will be a two-time loser.

Cover-up continues

There’s been nothing about the cover-up of the Obama administration on the attack in Libya in the paper. Nice going, Eagle-Tribune. Boy, you’re right in Obama’s back pocket.

Round in circles

The circle of life? We pay taxes, which support unions. Unions use our money to buy politicians. Politicians give more money to unions. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Sounds more like the circle of death.

By the book

his is in regard to the editorial on the Timberlane Regional High School’s dress code: I applaud the school for having a dress code, including shirts with sleeves. The rule is the rule. If students don’t have what is required by the dress code, no matter what kind of students they are, honors or otherwise, then they should be notified.

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