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October 9, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Get them out

Once again, the mayor of Lawrence is shortchanging his constituents; asking them to pay salaries for police officers who have either been fired or put on leave for illegal actions while in their official positions. I certainly hope and pray that when the citizens of Lawrence go to the polls that they remember this. They may or may not be running this time, but he has cohorts who are. Get them out.

Change direction

Listen to your heart. Respect life and religious liberty. Wake up to the light. Read and recognize the direction our country has taken.

What next?

I read in the paper that someone claimed Jesus was married. What’s going to be next, that He had children and grandchildren?

He’s Republican

You know that old saying: If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, then it’s a duck. Well, Scott Brown says he is an independent in Democratic Massachusetts, but the debate proves that he talks and votes Republican.

Clock tower

Is anyone still maintaining the Ayer Mill clock tower? I noticed that the lights of the clock’s faces hadn’t been lit for quite some time. It’s quite a symbol of the city and I hope that the funds that they raised for that monument are still active and taking care of things.


I cringe to think what’s going to happen to our country if Obama is re-elected. We’re becoming the laughingstock of the world. We used to be tops in education and everything and now no longer. We can’t let him ruin our country anymore. Please, we’re not stupid. Please do not re-elect this man.

Get it right

Remember when Ross Perot — a very successful businessman — was running for president? He talked about the “giant sucking sound” we were going to hear of American jobs leaving the country if we voted for Bill Clinton. Now don’t you wish you had voted for him? Here’s a chance to get it right. Vote for Romney.

Leave earlier

In response to the caller “Move over, buddy”: Hello, friend. I am one of those people who travels on Interstate 93 at 65 mph in the high speed lane for miles, even with multiple cars — apparently including yours — behind me wanting to go by. That’s the speed limit — build a bridge and get over it. Instead of tailgating cars in front of you, potentially causing an accident and making everyone behind you late, how about taking some responsibility for your laziness and getting up 15 minutes earlier. You’d be amazed at how relaxed you would arrive to work, and how much less stressful your whole day would be.

President’s ad

Have you seen the president’s new two-minute ad? He talks about what he plans to do for the next four years. Mr. President, where have you been for the last four? Good grief! The ignorant will latch on hook, line and sinker!

Cut benefits

In reading the story about the four people arrested at Westgate Plaza for a drug bust, I noted that three are listed as unemployed and one as disabled. Does anyone from the Police Department notify unemployment to ensure that no check is being sent out now that three of the criminals are in jail and therefore “not able to work”? If not they should! There is millions of dollars of unemployment fraud going on and we need to close all the loopholes! The same with disability benefits! People in jail should not be collecting disability or unemployment!