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July 3, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Where’s my raise?

I am outraged at the 11 percent raises received by the Methuen police. Where was the outrage by the city councilors? All we heard were nickel-and-dime cuts to the budget to save the “poor” taxpayers money. Ask average homeowners when was the last time they received an 11 percent raise? How about any raise? I know this is an election year, and councilors’ actions will have consequences.

Clean your own

I had a thought when I read the article about the pay raises for the police in Methuen. How does their contract allow for uniforms and uniform cleaning? As an employee in the private sector, I wear a uniform and am responsible for paying to have it cleaned. For that matter, I have to pay for it myself. No allowance. To cut expenses in the city, try that. I just had a raise after three years and it was 1.5 percent, not over 10 percent.

Mayor for life?

To the citizens of Haverhill: As taxpayers (some of you), why don’t you do yourselves a favor and save lots of money. Just appoint Fiorentini Mayor for Life. Think how much money Haverhill could save if there was never another mayoral election. I know there are people out there who could beat him. I sure wish one of you would have the guts to give this guy some real competition and get him out of that office. This is another argument for term limits for all elected officials. The president of the United States can only serve two terms. It should be this way for all political offices.

Why he lost

Still another Sound Off telling the conservatives to get of their butts and vote. Son, let me tell you, then you will know, too. Gomez lost for the same reason Brown lost: They said they would see that the government checks would be cut way back. Are you naive enough to believe that it is only liberals who collect checks? There are many thousands of conservatives who also collect, so they can either vote against the checks or stay home and not vote at all. That, my friend, is why they did not vote.

All mixed up

Although I don’t agree with Paula Deen for using a slur, I am sure in our lifetime we have all been guilty of the same abusive talk, especially in this great ethnic melting pot of the USA. The one thing I don’t understand is how it can make a person such a criminal as to lose everything, while some rappers can make millions spewing vile trash that includes the same word. Talk about getting our priorities mixed up.

Shame, shame

To the woman who left her cocker spaniel puppy locked in a black Mercedes on a hot Saturday morning at the Market Basket on Lowell Avenue in Haverhill and to the store employee who, when asked to page the license number, responded, “I don’t want to get involved, it’s not my dog anyway” — Shame on you both!

Rat bait

Whitey Bulger’s lawyer is trying to flip the focus of his trial. He’s avoiding testimony about the 19 heinous, cold-blooded murders. Instead, he’s trying to focus the testimony on proof that Whitey is not a “rat.” Oh, my, my, my, tsk, tsk. Will the jury be gullible enough to fall for that old used-car “bait and switch” sales ploy?