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July 5, 2013

Sound Off

Let jury decide

I wish Sound Off commenters would stop watching CNN or MSNBC and let the George Zimmerman jury do its job. You are not in the courtroom. You have no idea what is being said. You are only getting the sound bites the so-called journalists at CNN and MSNBC want you to hear.

I’m watching

The evidence so far in the George Zimmerman trial clearly points to self-defense. His injuries were obviously inflicted before Trayvon Martin was shot, not after. What concerns me is that several liberal pundits on TV are advocating that Zimmerman be convicted, in spite of his innocence, because there might be riots if he is acquitted, that he needs to be sacrificed to the god of political correctness. Is this what passes for justice these days?

In defense

The Sound Off writer who thinks that somehow George Zimmerman was at fault, couldn’t be more off base. First of all, Mr. Zimmerman was part of a neighborhood watch group. That is why he was out and following Trayvon Martin. Regardless of what words were exchanged, the second that Mr. Martin attacked him, Zimmerman had every right to use whatever force necessary to protect his life. The evidence in this case is clear. Mr. Zimmerman was getting his head pounded against the pavement by Martin. The only reason that it was even brought to trial was to pacify the protests of the Martin family and minority leaders.

Muffle it

In response to “Noise is Everywhere,” fire, police and ambulance sirens are intermittent, necessary and legal. Loud motorcycle noise is constant, unnecessary and illegal.

Bridge vs. sidewalks

The Golden Gate Bridge took four years to build. It looks like it will take longer than that to finish the sidewalks in Bradford.


Next year will be our chance to do the right thing and vote to eliminate the Democratic majority in the Senate and keep the Republican majority in the Congress. The Democrats have given the people a most horrendous and outrageously expensive health care plan called Obamacare. Costs for everyone having their own health insurance now will skyrocket and will be unaffordable. I know because I read the bill, unlike the Democrats. Say what you will about the Republicans, but they will work with the American people and will repeal Obamacare in its entirety. All current polls indicate that now almost 70 percent want it repealed. The Democrats must be stopped from continuing to impose bills that the majority don’t want and will continue to overburden the middle class.

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