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July 9, 2013

Letter: What would Jefferson and Adams think of today's U.S.?

To the editor:

As I awoke this past July 4th morning, my mind thought of two of my greatest heroes, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.

These were men of powerful foresight, with respect for wealth but a remarkable disdain for greed. They had cobbled together a government that would have respect for all men, giving everyone a chance to form a democracy for one and all, not just kings and nobility.

If they could come back today, I fear they would wonder when did we revert back to a ruling class, one that would make King George and his court of noblemen blush.

When they had left this earth, the caste system of serfs groveling for a share of prosperity was destined for the dustbin of shame.

Had they returned just 50 years ago, they would have thought all that had been sacrificed was indeed well worth the blood, sweat and tears of the many who had given the ultimate devotion to build this great and wonderfully diverse country.

Just 50 short years ago, men and women of all classes were making great strides in upward mobility, fair wages were becoming the norm, prosperity was available to one and all and the respect for the working class was the key to this land’s immense success for all Americans. Today those conditions are rapidly reversing for working people.

I can tell you with great certainty that if Mr. Jefferson saw a member of his own party, before running for an elected office, taking a oath of obedience to a deity named Grover Norquist, he would be horrified.

The two former presidents being rational men, could not fathom why someone who makes more money in one year than the entire cost of the Revolutionary War, would wail and cry like a infant being denied his mother’s milk, when asked for his fair share of taxes for things like infrastructure improvements to keep our nation great, while creating good jobs for American workers.

They, as all great men, knew that the heart, soul, arms and legs of a great country are the working men and women who make it that way.

Robert Burdin





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