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July 12, 2013

Sound Off

Slap him silly

When graffiti boy goes to juvenile court for causing thousands of dollars in damage in downtown Haverhill, I hope the judge can set up some kind of severe punishment that will help to slow down or stop this senseless tagging process. It is sad that law enforcement and our judicial system have to waste time and money on these tagging misfits! He deserves more than a slap on the wrist.

Weed-choked roads

Can someone tell me why we need guardrails on the side of the highways? We can’t even see them. Seems the highway department or the state has decided to let the weeds and grass grow right over the guardrails, not to mention on the on and off ramps. Soon we won’t be able to see the oncoming traffic on the highways. Oh, wait a minute, it must be because we have no money to cut the grass, right? What else is new? We pay taxes then have to take our lives in our hands because the highway department and state can’t do their job. Living in Massachusetts is getting to be a joke.

Democrats’ downfall

I would like to thank the Democratic party for reaffirming what I have said for years: that the Democrats are totally incompetent. They pass this Obamacare debacle, a bill that cannot be implemented on time and by law in 2014 because of massive problems that will cause havoc for the medical profession and the people. This is what happens when we have incompetent lawmakers who don’t read a bill to understand what’s in it. These Democrats wanted more government control and less freedom for the people. Keep in mind all the Republicans refused to sign Obamacare because they knew it would bring ruin to the American health care system, the economy and job creation. It appears that the Democrats have set themselves up for a very humiliating defeat in 2014.

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