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September 26, 2012


The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

The bias of the main stream media is mind-boggling. The U.S. Ambassador to Libya was tortured and murdered, and the media attacked Gov. Romney because he came out and called it a terrorist attack immediately.

The White House, however, said it was a spontaneous response to a horrible movie, and President Obama got on his plane,and went to Las Vegas for a fundraiser. No one in the media thought that was inappropriate?

For nine days the Obama administration stonewalled before finally admitting it was terrorism. It was Sept. 11, there was intel there might be problems, but that poor man had no security and died a horrendous death. And the media spent their time confronting Romney. Disgraceful!

For the past 3 1/2 years, the president’s foreign policy consisted of apologies and appeasements. Where has that gotten him? They were burning him in effigy. Most of us learned in high school that you can’t buy friends. Respect is harder to earn but it lasts.

How many times have we heard Joe Biden saying. “Bin Laden is dead but General Motors is alive”? Do you think maybe that might have inflamed some people? The Hollywood people that made the movie of the raid were given unprecedented access to the Pentagon. They were even give the names of those who planned it. Do you think this might inflame some in the Mideast when it’s released?

The president doesn’t have time to meet with the Israeli prime minister, but he can go on Letterman and say he doesn’t know how much the national debt is. I saw a picture of him in the Oval Office with some guy dressed as a pirate, but he doesn’t have time to meet with our only true ally in the Mideast.

And the main stream media never says a bad word about him. Go figure.

Diane Dube

Salem, N.H.