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September 27, 2012

Sound Off

Conscience calling

Do you remember Sept. 23, 1985? Do you remember hitting and killing a woman with your car on River Street in Haverhill? Do you remember slowing down as if to stop (which is why no one bothered to follow you)? Do you remember then tuning around and driving in the opposite direction while those who stopp

ed tried to help? Do you remember the day you became a hit-and-run driver? Do you remember Sept. 23, 1985? I do ... and have, every day since.


In response to the person who complained about their neighbor feeding squirrels, a question: What is the practical difference between an oak tree and a person who throws peanuts on the ground every day? The squirrels don’t forego their regular foraging just because they score a jackpot or two in my backyard. Actually, the bluejays are always right there waiting and they scoop up the majority of the peanuts. I think the boom in the squirrel population has more to do with the fact that a certain cat seems to have passed on (didn’t know his name but he was a mighty hunter, RIP). I’m sorry you are aggravated by the peanut shells, but come on, they are biodegradable!

Worked for it

Before you make general statements, you need to get your facts straight. I am a retired veteran from the Air Force, so I earned my military pension and medical coverage. I contributed for 45 years to Medicare and Social Security, so I am taking them because I earned them. I worked in the computer industry and earned my pension. It seems you don’t care for military people or people in general who are getting what they worked hard for. You would be better off keeping your comments to yourself.

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