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September 28, 2012

Sound Off

Unsound investment

Most people these days are having a hard time keeping their homes and we have to spend $5.33 million of our tax dollars to build sound barriers on Route 93 for 84 homes in Andover so these few can have a quieter back yard. Something is very wrong here!

Laughing at us

I don’t care who gets to be the next president. We, as a country, are going to hell in a handbasket. The whole world is laughing at us for being so nice to everyone that hates us. Get our troops home!

Message to Israel

From the president: Hold on, prime minister! I have important business to take care of before I can meet with you. If you want, tune in to the TV show “The View” and have some of my Hollywood friends pose some of your concerns. Hope to see you at Jay Z’s party. Bring your check book.

Fabulous idea

Joel Leider’s Patriot Fund idea is just what this country needs. (”Letter: How to get America out of debt,” Sept. 26.) We the people need to take charge and correct what our elected officials have created. I am totally on board and will be promoting this plan among my family, friends and colleagues. Bravo, Joel!

Not listening

I agree with your caller in Monday’s column as I, too, am sick of all the bad mouthing and accusations on the political commercials. Instead of blaming each other for all sorts of things I wish the candidates would tell us specifically what they will do to correct our many problems if we elect them. I usually hit the mute button during the commercials during my favorite shows.

Don’t blame Obama

So Obama is ruining the Catholic Church? Many years ago a Haverhill priest said if the church is hurt or brought down it won’t be someone outside the church it will happen from within. How right he was. These sick priests that brought on the scandal are the ones that have done considerable damage to the church. If the church is to hope for a comeback it will have to revert to the old rules and let the priests get married.

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